The RYS Foundation’s mission is to promote opportunities in the marine industry for young people living on the Isle of Wight.


Marine Engineer

Are you interested in marine engineering: designing, building, testing and repairing boats, ships, underwater, craft, offshore platform and drilling equipment?                         

Superyacht Crew

You could train to be an engineer, skipper, mate, steward, chef, dive master, bosun or deck-hand                               


Royal Navy

Does a career in the Royal Navy appeal to you?


Merchant Navy

Are you interested in working on cargo ships, cruise liners, ferries, tug-boats, pilot boats?


Boat Building

You could be interested in traditional boat building, composites, electrics, sail-making, rigging, laminating, carpentry.

Marina Management

Do you want to work in the marine leisure industry in the day to day business of running a harbour or marina?

Marine Biology.jpg

Port Management

Is your interest in port management? You could work in logistics, cargo management, health and safety, buoyage.


Water Sports

Do you want to train as water sports instructor, dinghy instructor, dive master, or safety boat driver?

Marine Biology

Is your interest in a scientific career involved in conservation, marine archaeology, oceanography or sustainability?

Marine Catering.jpg

Marine Catering

Would you like to be a chef on a superyacht, ocean racing yacht, merchant ship or naval vessel?

Offshore Energy

Are you interested in working in offshore oil and gas industry or the many offshore renewable energy schemes?   

Marine Surveyor

Do you want to train in marine surveying, as a loss adjustor or in marine insurance?